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 * fitqtl_imp.h
 * copyright (c) 2002, Hao Wu, The Jackson Laboratory
 * last modified May, 2002
 * first written Apr, 2002
 * Licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2 (June, 1991)
 * C functions for the R/qtl package
 * These functions are for performing a general genome scan by 
 * imputation. 
 * Contains: R_fitqtl_imp, fitqtl_imp, nullRss0, galtRss

void R_fitqtl_imp(int *n_ind, int *n_qtl, int *n_gen, int *n_draws,
              int *draws, int *n_cov, double *cov, int *model, 
              int *n_int, double *pheno,
              /* return variables */
              double *lod, int* df);

void fitqtl_imp(int n_ind, int n_qtl, int *n_gen, int n_draws, 
            int ***Draws, double **Cov, int n_cov, 
            int *model, int n_int, double *pheno, double *lod, int* df);

double nullRss0(double *pheno, int n_ind);

double galtRss(double *pheno, int n_ind, int *n_gen, int n_qtl, 
             int **Draws, double **Cov, int n_cov, int *model, 
             int n_int, double *dwork, int *iwork, int sizefull);

/* end of fitqtl_imp.h */

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